This Is ‘The Menu’s Most Underrated Performance

If there is one thing The Menu is not short on, it’s fabulous performances.

Since the film’s release, much praise has been dished out for Anya Taylor-Joy’s portrayal of the film’s protagonist, Margot; Ralph Fiennes has been given stars as the nightmarish Chef Julian Slowik; and of course, 2022’s undisputed breakout performer, Hong Chau, gives cinema’s best line reading of the word “tortillas” in her work as Slowik’s assistant, Elsa.

Despite all the acclaim awarded to each of these deserving actors who make up the stellar cast, not enough attention has been given to one of the film’s most subtle but richly complex performances.

Without question, The Menu’s most underrated performance is Janet McTeer’s as pretentious food critic Lillian Bloom.

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