This James Bond Story Deserves a Movie Adaptation

Before the James Bond series became one of the most successful ongoing franchises in cinematic history, it was a groundbreaking series of espionage novels that provided a similar intriguing hook to international readers.

The British novelist Ian Fleming, who also wrote the children’s classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, wrote twelve novels about the world’s classiest MI6 super spy and inspired the film series.

Additionally, he wrote nine short stories that have also inspired various installments in the series.

Fleming’s role in shaping Bond was essential, and anything he’s written about the character has some sort of value.

That includes Bond’s quick escape into the Big Apple that was the subject of “007 in New York,” the James Bond short story that still deserves an adaptation as the franchise figures out its next direction in the wake of Daniel Craig’s final appearance as the character in No Time To Die.

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