Ti West Believed His Set Was Haunted, So He Made His Next Movie About It

Ti West can do it all.

He writes, directs, edits, produces, and can tell one hell of a ghost story.

Many know him today for his work with X, Pearl, and the upcoming MaXXXine, but West has been around for some time now and indie film buffs have been praising his work for years.

One of his films, The Innkeepers, was inspired by an experience he and his cast and crew had while on set.

The ghost story was inspired by the hotel that they all stayed in while filming The House Of The Devil.

The name of that hotel is the Yankee Pedlar Inn, and it is located in the town of Torrington, Connecticut.

As a horror fan, I just want to know why it is always Connecticut that is super haunted?? Seriously, what’s in the water there? If you’re a ghost hunter or a fan of visiting spooky places,…

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