Tiff 2018 Announces Filmmaker-Heavy Platform Jury, Including Béla Tarr and Lee Chang-dong

As it prepares for the latest iteration of its annual marquee event, the Toronto International Film Festival has announced a filmmaker-heavy jury for its Platform section, one of only three sections in the festival to award honors based on jury votes.

The jury includes New German Cinema legend Margarethe von Trotta, Hungarian existential filmmaker Béla Tarr, and South Korean director and novelist Lee Chang-dong.This year’s edition of the festival will mark the fourth time the Platform section has been a part of the fest, as it was first announced in 2015.

The section is designed to “champion up to 12 works with high artistic merit that also demonstrate a strong directorial vision.” The three-person jury will pick the winner of the Toronto Platform Prize, which includes an award of $25,000 Cad presented to the Best Film in the lineup.“We are privileged to have a Platform jury that so perfectly embodies the programme’s essence,

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