Tilda Swinton Explains the Mysterious Twist of ‘The Eternal Daughter’ and How Tony Gilroy Changed Her Life

[Editor’s note: This interview contains spoilers about the plot of “The Eternal Daughter.”]Tilda Swinton’s career has taken some unexpected turns in the decades since she was Derek Jarman’s experimental partner-in-crime.

After her acclaimed turn in Jarman’s “Edward II,” Swinton’s gender-bending performance as an Elizabethan nobleman in Sally Potter’s “Orlando” solidified her capacity for audacious onscreen transformations.

It wasn’t until 15 years later, with her Oscar-winning turn in Tony Gilroy’s “Michael Clayton,” that Swinton began to explore more commercial material.These days, however, she has doubled down on the more singular undertakings that put her on the map, from Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s meditative “Memoria” to “The Eternal Daughter,” her latest collaboration with longtime friend and colleague Joanna Hogg.“The Eternal Daughter,” which A24 released theatrically last week, merges Swinton’s performative ambition with a quasi-genre twist.

She plays both Julie, a middle-aged filmmaker, and her mother Rosalind as the pair journey to a gothic country estate.

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