‘Time to Hunt’: Film Review

As context for those unaware, South Korea does not have the equivalent of the United States’ Second Amendment.

Instead, the country enforces strict gun control — privately owned weapons must be stored at the police station — and fatal shootings hardly ever happen there.

That’s important to know when watching Korean movies: It explains why the desperate hero in “Oldboy” fights his way through a hallway armed only with a hammer, or the audience’s shock when the knives come out at the end of “Parasite.”Director Yoon Sung-hyun was born in the U.S., but attended film school in Korea, where high-impact survival thriller “Time to Hunt” takes place.

The story of four young thieves, a relentless killer and a whole lot of bullets, Yoon’s ultra-violent, Hollywood-style second feature is a radical departure from his more introspective 2011 student film, “Bleak Night,” and from the country’s gun laws in general.

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