Toby Jones: ‘Actors talking about acting? It makes you scream!’

He’s played everything from an elf in Harry Potter to Truman Capote and a harassed coach driver.

Now, Jones is taking on Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya.

Just don’t call it the role of a lifetimeTwenty minutes after we meet, I worry that I’ve given Toby Jones some kind of existential crisis.

“Why are people so interested in what performers have to say?” he exclaims, genuine angst etched on to his face.

“Actors talking about acting has to be has to be one of the most appalling things to read.

I mean, it makes you scream!”He swivels on his chair, gazing towards the window and into the night beyond.

“It’s just … well, it’s not something you can … sort of really describe,” he adds, turning back towards me and looking at me with his big, boyish eyes.

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