Todd Haynes: ‘People who say Trump is bound to win are letting it happen’

His film Dark Waters is a thriller about a lawyer who took on DuPont over chemical pollution.

The director talks about why activism works – and why defeatism is collaborationWhen Todd Haynes was promoting his glam-rock fantasy Velvet Goldmine in 1998, he knew exactly what he wanted.

“We have a very modest goal for this film,” he said at the time.

“That’s just to turn every gay person straight and every straight person gay.” Sitting opposite the 59-year-old director in a London hotel room, I point out that his mission is accomplished.

Aren’t we all queer now?“Not quite,” he says in his Us east coast croak.

“I wish! It’s true there might be more traffic in that direction.

There’s certainly more tolerance.” His films have surely played their part, among them I’m Not There with Cate Blanchett as one of six physically dissimilar Bob Dylans, the

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