Todd Haynes Quarantined with His Editor to Finish His Queer Velvet Underground Doc

Todd Haynes is making his documentary feature debut with the upcoming “The Velvet Underground,” a dive into the makings of the 1960s band led by Lou Reed and the cultural landscape that surrounded them.

Haynes recently teased the film, currently in post-production, during an extended conversation hosted by the Museum of Modern Art, embedded below.The Oscar-nominated “Far From Heaven” and “Carol” filmmaker said he completed all the interviews for the film, which were shot by his trusted cinematographer Ed Lachman, in 2018 before heading into shooting “Dark Waters.” His editors on the film are Affonso Gonçalves, who has cut many of Haynes’ films, and Adam Kurnitz.“It’s such an archive-based film that when I got to turn my attentions to it fully, it was right at the end of last year and the beginning of this year,” he said.

“I was staying at a place in Venice and I was editing in Venice,

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