Todd Phillips Shuts Down Rumor ‘Joker’ Sequel Will Star Robert Pattinson’s Batman

Joker” director and co-writer Todd Phillips wants comic book movie fans to know that there is no chance of Joaquin Phoenix’s villain and Robert Pattinson’s Batman ever crossing over on the big screen.

Pattinson’s Variety cover story sparked rumors last week that his upcoming iteration of Batman might meet Phoenix’s Joker at some point since both Warner Bros.

releases exist outside of the DC Extended Universe.

Phillips bluntly told Variety at TIFF that won’t be the case.“No, definitely not,” Phillips said when asked if Phoenix and Pattinson would appear in a future film together.While Phillips shut down the exciting possibility of a Phoenix-Pattinson crossover, the writer-director did say that just because Pattinson’s Batman won’t meet Phoenix’s villain doesn’t mean the new Caped Crusader won’t face off against his infamous foe.“Oddly, in the states, comic books are our Shakespeare it seems,

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