Tom Courtenay: ‘I’ve done my best work since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer’

The veteran actor used to be so insecure about his work that he ‘couldn’t bear looking back’.

Now, he says, everything has changed• Sign up for Film Today and get our film team’s highlights of the dayOver coffee and biscuits in a Soho hotel, the actor who played Billy Liar is showing me a picture of his dog on his iPhone.

If this was not weird enough, Tom Courtenay then points out that Stanley, his seven-year-old pointer, is gazing longingly at Colin Firth on a Sunday supplement cover.

“We did a film together … me and Colin, that is,” 81-year-old Courtenay explains with a wink.

“Extremely unsuccessful but very enjoyable; we laughed all the time.

So we now have a running joke on these things,” he says, wiggling his phone, “which is nice.

I also sent him another where Stanley was deciding between him or Dustin Hoffman.”Continue reading.

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