Tom Hanks Treks Across the West in ‘News of the World’ First Look

Just three months after the release of “Greyhound,” a first look trailer for Tom Hanks’ next project, “News of the World,” is here.The minute-long clip was released today by Universal Pictures, in addition to first look images provided to Vanity Fair.

The official trailer is said to be coming soon, and the film is slated for a theatrical release on Christmas Day, Dec.

25.“News of the World” sees Hanks reunite with director Paul Greengrass, who helmed the 2013 best picture nominee “Captain Phillips” that Hanks also starred in.

The film’s screenplay — adapted from Paulette Jiles’ best-selling book — was co-written by Greengrass and Luke Davies, who was nominated for a best adapted screenplay Oscar in 2016 for “Lion.”Taking place in 1870, the plot centers around Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Hanks), a widowed veteran who has become an oral storyteller, traveling from town to town sharing news from around the world.

In Texas,

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