Tom & Jerry The Movie review – sanitised relaunch of the cat and mouse combatants

Uninspiring fights and sketchy rules of engagement mean this lazy reprise won’t excite real aficionados of the eternally warring pairWhoever wins, parents lose.

While there’s little to truly loathe in Fantastic Four and Ride Along director Tim Story’s frantic new take on Tom & Jerry, there’s also an equal lack of anything to truly love; this is a serviceable, if entirely forgettable attempt to relaunch an old property for a new audience.

Very young kids might find some enjoyment in the brightly hued, fast-paced mania of it all, but those with any real affection for the pair of violently opposed animals will leave unimpressed.With a script that feels lazily retrofitted to revolve around the two animals rather than designed directly for them, this is basically a kids’ movie about antics in a New York hotel that pauses every so often to feature a sanitised fight between the pair.

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