Top Gun Was A Lie Told With Style

Tony Scott’s “Top Gun” is as spectacularly entertaining as it is terminally stupid.

For a film glorifying the exploits of elite Navy fighter pilots, this is not necessarily a drawback.

Released one year after “Rambo: First Blood Part II” ignited American audiences’ ardor for jingoistic blockbusters, “Top Gun” reaffirmed Tom Cruise’s superstar status, turned bomber jackets into must-wear apparel and spurred a 500 spike in Navy recruitment.

It was a pop cultural phenomenon that hung out in the top 10 of the domestic box office throughout the entirety of summer 1986.

When it hit home video on March 10, 1987, Paramount marked it down to 26.95,…The post Top Gun Was a Lie Told With Style appeared first on /Film.

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