‘Torn’ Review: The Long Shadow of a Late Mountaineering Legend

The flood of documentaries in recent years about high-risk climbing and mountaineering have offered plenty of vicarious armchair athleticism, to be sure.

But for viewers with a more casual than envious interest in such adventures, it’s hard not to wonder: Do these daredevils have personal attachments? Who’d be reckless or masochistic enough to forge a serious relationship with someone who constantly tempts fate? That issue did get addressed in the hit “Free Solo” three years ago, which devoted attention to ropeless climber Alex Honnold’s first long-term romantic commitment, which naturally renders his day job a greater source of worry to both parties.But most of these films simply avoid the “What, if any, private life?” question in favor of alfresco thrills — understandably enough, since most of their subjects pointedly haven’t hazarded any settled domesticity that might hobble their sportsmanship.

.The compelling film, which National Geographic begins releasing to theaters on Dec.

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