‘Trust’ Trailer: Let Cowboy Hat-Wearing Brendan Fraser Explain the Better Version of the Getty Kidnapping Story

It’s hard to believe that a month ago, when we got our last look at the upcoming FX series “Trust,” that the dominant story was whether or not “All the Money in the World” would crowd out the TV drama trying to tell the same story of the Getty kidnapping saga of 1973.Well, the one thing those doubters didn’t count on was Brendan Fraser.

He’s wearing a cowboy hat and he’s ready to fix everything.

Fraser is playing Getty employee Fletcher Chase who, in this non-Wahlberg version of the story, talks directly to the audience.(If you want further proof how great he’s going to be in this show, look at this clip that FX posted a few days ago.

He’s explaining to a guy how to kill someone with a pencil.

It’s tremendous.)For anyone worried that “Trust” will ignore the other

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