Truth or Dare review – silly, spirited horror plays a fast-paced game

The production company behind Get Out and Happy Death Day has another hit on its hands with this Final Destination-lite shockerGiven the current obsession with reboots, revisits and rehashes, it’s strange that the Final Destination franchise hasn’t cheated death and been dragged back to life after five films and $665m in the bank.

It’s even stranger given that its legacy has been haunting lesser pretenders in the past year from the incompetent shlock of Wish Upon to the snappy, if throwaway, slashery of Happy Death Day.

Blumhouse, the phenomenally successful company behind the latter (last year also saw them turn Get Out and Split into global smashes) is now hoping to milk yet more money from the death-heavy formula with Truth or Dare, a slick college-set horror.Related: Trapped in the Sunken Place: how Get Out’s purgatory engulfed pop culture

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