‘Twin Peaks: Mädchen Amick Would Say ‘Hell Yeah’ to Returning for a Fourth Season

Will they or won’t they? That’s the question “Twin Peaks” obsessives have had ever since the show ended (again) last year, and no one — not David Lynch, not Showtime, not Kyle MacLachlan — seems to have an answer.

Mädchen Amick can’t say if the series itself will return, but she does know what she’d say if she were asked to participate in a new season: “Oh hell yeah.

It’s always a yes to David no matter what,” the actress tells PeopleTV.

You may not understand it, but you always say yes.”“Everybody is really really hoping for it,” adds the actress, who currently stars on “Riverdale.” “As far as I know, both Showtime and David have said never say never.

So I think the door’s open.” She’s right about Showtime: “We’re thrilled we did ‘Twin Peaks,’ absolutely thrilled,” Gary Levine, the company’s Programming President,

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