U.S. Government Briefly Listed ‘Black Panther’s’ Wakanda as a Free Trade Partner

Unfortunately for Wakandians, the U.S.

government will no longer partner with the fictional kingdom.Until yesterday, Wakanda, the main setting of Marvel’s “Black Panther,” was listed as a free trade agreement partner of the U.S.

on the agricultural tariff tracker maintained by the U.S.

Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service.Francis Tseng, a research fellow at the Jain Family Institute, discovered the odd listing and tweeted about his confusion on Wednesday.Wakanda is listed as a Us free trade partner on the Usda website?? pic.twitter.com/xcq1OFTIPh— Francis Tseng (@frnsys) December 18, 2019“The Us would no doubt try to liberalize Wakanda’s markets and flood it with cheap subsidized corn,” Tseng said in a follow-up tweet.The screenshots Tseng shared revealed the alleged agricultural products the U.S.

traded with Wakanda: fresh vegetables, unroasted coffee beans, essential oils and livestock.Wakanda was added to the

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