U.S. Military Warns Troops About Possible ‘Joker’ Incel Violence, No Credible Threats Reported

The U.S.

military has sent a memo to service members warning about the possibility of incel violence targeting screenings of Warner Bros.’ upcoming comic book movie “Joker.” No specific attacks or credible threats have been determined, but the military is upping awareness for its service members.

The Army confirmed Tuesday, September 24 with io9 reporter Dell Cameron that FBI officials contacted them to say they uncovered social media posts related to incel extremists who are referencing on social media violent attacks at “Joker” screenings.

The Army’s memo classifies “incels” as “individuals who express frustration from perceived disadvantages to starting intimate relationships.”The memo informs service members that “incel extremists idolize violent individuals like the Aurora movie theater shooter.

They also idolize the Joker character, the violent clown from the Batman series, admiring his depiction as a man who must pretend to be happy, but eventually fights back against his bullies.

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