Ultraviolence review – still no justice in follow-up doc on deaths in UK police custody

Ken Fero’s grim update to his fearless 2001 documentary Injustice, about police brutality against black men, is a shocking case of more of the sameTwenty years in the making, Ken Fero’s Ultraviolence is the follow-up to Injustice from 2001, a documentary that is the most important British nonfiction film of my professional lifetime: a radical, passionate work about the ongoing scandal and tragedy of deaths in UK police custody, largely of black men.

That film challenged the consensus and earned Fero and his co-director Tariq Mehmood nothing but obstruction from the authorities.

The police federation threatened him with writs and the terrestrial broadcasters nervously shied away.Nowadays, it is precisely these establishment figures who have learned to make blandly respectful noises at the mention of Black Lives Matter and George Floyd.

But for decades, Fero has been telling them that it’s been happening right here, in the UK,

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