‘Uncle Frank’ Review: Paul Bettany Rises Above Mawkish ’70s Dramedy From Alan Ball

Played by “Sharp Objects” breakout Sophia Lillis, Beth has always looked up to her uncle Frank (Paul Bettany).

He couldn’t be more different from the rest of their ultra-conservative South Carolina family, or from any of the adults Beth knows in the small town where she’s lived all her life.

And it’s not just because he lives in New York, or actually looks his niece in the eyes when he speaks to her, and listens to what she has to say — like, you know, girls should be heard and not just seen.

Frank wears aftershave.

He reads books.

He tells Beth that she gets to choose who she is — that she doesn’t just have to be cowed into submission by her bellicose grandfather (Stephen Root), who rules over the whole clan with an iron fist and a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

It’s 1969, but Frank

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