‘Uncorked’ Director Prentice Penny and Star Mamoudou Athie Talk Wine, Barbecue and Family Expectations

It’s easy to feel intimidated by wine.

All those hard-to-pronounce names, so many vineyards to remember.

That’s the world Elijah, played by Mamoudou Athie, wants to enter in the new Netflix movie “Uncorked,” about a young man who dreams of taking the brutally difficult master sommelier exam instead of taking over his family’s Memphis barbecue restaurant.It’s also the way director Prentice Penny felt before he was invited to a wedding in Paris and somehow caught the wine bug.

Penny’s journey to becoming a wine buff — taking an intro to wine class, reading books and watching documentaries — was part of the inspiration for “Uncorked.”Early in the film, Elijah breaks it down for a wine store customer by relating wines to hip hop artists.

Chardonnay is like the Jay-Z of wines, riesling is the Drake, while pinot grigio might be Kanye West, he explains, winning her admiration in the process.

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