‘Unhinged’ Shows Box-Office Promise, but Where Are the ‘Inception’ Grosses?

It’s Sunday, time for a Top 10 report — only, there’s no way to provide a credible chart.

For one thing, much of the list would be library titles that often don’t report grosses until later.

For another, Warner Bros.’ much-promoted 10th anniversary re-release of Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” — a significant player with IMAX and 70mm dates — is absent.

Warners went so far as to not only not report an estimate, but also to block grosses reported by theaters.Warners says it’s not reporting because “Inception” is a library title, but the studio is allowing other library titles to show Comscore results.“Unhinged,” the first release from Solstice Studios, reported an estimate of over $4 million in 1,823 theaters.

That would be a per-theater average of around $2,200.

Those figures come with fewer than half of the first-run theaters open in North America, and only drive-ins in New York and Los Angeles.

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