‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Trailer: Netflix Reboots Classic TV Series

It’s time to solve some mysteries.

Netflix is rebooting the classic “Unsolved Mysteries” television show and the streaming service dropped a trailer for the upcoming series early Tuesday.“Unsolved Mysteries,” which documents various cold cases and paranormal occurrences, has been dormant for several years but had a rich history before Netflix announced its intent to reboot the franchise earlier in the year.

The original show, created by Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove in 1987, had a 10-year run on NBC before moving to CBS, Lifetime, and Spike TV, where the show’s run ended in 2010.

Now, Netflix is rebooting the show with Meurer and Cosgrove, as well as “Stranger Things” production company 21 Laps Entertainment.The first six episodes of “Unsolved Mysteries,” which will contain 12 episodes, will premiere on Netflix on July 1.

Release dates for the other six episodes were not provided.Here’s the series’ synopsis, per Netflix:

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