Vanessa Kirby and Katherine Waterston’s frontier romance: ‘She let me be more full-bodied’

The north-eastern US is not the only uncharted territory explored in the pair’s 19th-century period drama.

They discuss becoming friends, learning how to act and sexism in showbizAfter the release this year of Ammonite, with Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan as 19th-century fossil hunters who fall in love in inclement weather, Saturday Night Live ran a trailer featuring Carey Mulligan in a spoof version.

A sombre voice heralded “two straight actresses who dare not to wear makeup” along with “Academy award-winning glance choreography … the world’s saddest flirting … and best supporting actress nominee the wind.” After promising that the stars would “round all the bases, like grazing fingers, washing carrots”, the voiceover announced: “Lesbian Period Drama.

You get one a year.

Make the most of it.”Not this year you don’t.

The World to Come depicts a same-sex relationship flowering in the harsh conditions of the US

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