Venom’s Wild Lobster Tank Scene Came At The Insistence Of Tom Hardy

In Marvel comics, the character of Venom was, functionally, Spider-Man’s evil twin.

The mythology surrounding Venom was far more complex, but aesthetically, Venom is little more than “evil Spider-Man.” When on the outside of its host, the glop resembles a towering, muscular man coated in black oil and possessed of a smooth, sharklike face, complete with gnarled fangs and big, lolling tongue.

It’s actually pretty gross looking.Ruben Fleischer’s 2018 film “Venom” wisely left out any and all connections to Spider-Man (post-credits cookie notwithstanding), focusing instead on the strange relationship Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a hard-hitting reporter, had with the alien intelligence that had recently invaded his body.

Over the course of “Venom,” Eddie and the creature come to an understanding and even become something resembling lovers. Prior to that, however, Eddie has quite a rough time getting used to the monster inside of him, unable to understand why his body temperature is fluctuating,

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