VFX Supervisor Tim Crosbie on the Effects for ‘The Eight Hundred’

As of Monday, “The Eight Hundred” became the highest-grossing movie of 2020 at the global box office, overtaking “Bad Boys for Life.” To date, the Chinese war epic has raked in $425 million and continues to exceed all expectations.The film is based on a true story, depicting a Chinese battalion who mounted a determined defense of the Sihang Warehouse from the invasion of the Japanese army in 1937 Shanghai.From combat scenes to aerial attacks, Rising Sun Pictures worked on the principal effects for the war epic that spans four days — with much of the action taking place on the third day centering on the relentless aerial attack.Visual effects supervisor Tim Crosbie (“X-Men: Days of Future Past”) breaks down two key sequences from the film including why he needed to build a green screen for some of the rooftop sequences.The Airstrike SequenceWe started working on that back in December

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