Vicky Krieps Says She Avoided Hollywood After ‘Phantom Thread’: ‘Nothing Was as Good as Paul’

Luxembourgish actress Vicky Krieps was the belle of the ball (or at least of Film Twitter) in late 2017 when the release of Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Phantom Thread” thrust her into the spotlight.

This year, she has four projects floating around, including M.

Night Shyamalan’s “Old,” which released in theaters back in July; Cannes darling “Bergman Island,” now at the Toronto International Film Festival; “Beckett,” the Netflix drama that opened the Locarno Film Festival; and Barry Levinson’s Auschwitz prisoner biopic “The Survivor,” also at TIFF.But while PTA’s highbrow fashion drama in which she starred opposite Daniel Day-Lewis turned Krieps into an actress everybody wanted to work with, she admitted in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter that it took some time to adjust to newfound fame — and inevitably, led her to turn down projects.“After ‘Phantom Thread,’ I really wasn’t interested in Hollywood, because

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