‘Volition’: Film Review

Snarled loops of time travel have proved a surprisingly versatile and rewarding fantasy-cinema trope in recent years, from the big-budget likes of “Edge of Tomorrow” to such enterprising indies as “Predestination,” not to mention comedies (“Palm Springs”), horror (“Happy Death Day”), romance (“Before I Fall”) and more.

Volition” makes a worthy addition to that roster: .

Tony Dean Smith’s clever thriller lands July 10 on digital platforms and available theater screens, where it should continue to be as well-received by sci-fi fans as it has been on the genre-festival circuit.Living above an auto shop, lagging on rent, his appearance an unpromising cross between aging hipster and Ratso Rizzo, James aka Jimmy (Adrian Glynn McMorran) exudes a scraping-by vibe unimproved by his landlord’s eviction threats.

If he feels like he’s “stuck watching the rerun” of his own life, that turns out to be for very good reason.

Before we quite suss why,

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