Warner Bros. and ‘The Nun’ Lead Second Highest Grossing September Ever

September 2018 delivered some stellar numbers, finishing as the second largest September of all-time behind last year’s record performance.

That said, while over 40% of September 2017’s calendar gross was attributed to one film alone * Warner Bros.’s It * 2018’s top earner * WB’s The Nun * accounted for just 16.4% of the month’s total gross, serving as evidence of a more, well-rounded month altogether.

Additionally, for the third year in a row, WB led the month of September, and, like last year, dominated the competition, serving as the only studio to not only bring in over $100 million for the month, but by bringing in nearly $235 million from seven films in release.

As already mentioned, WB’s release of New Line’s The Nun led the way in September, bringing in just over $109 million over the course of the month.

Following a franchise record opening of $53.8 million early in the month, The Nun has since gone

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