Warner Bros. Shuts Down Campaign to Remove Rat from ‘The Departed’ Over Copyright Infringement

The Kickstarter campaign to remove the rat from the ending of Martin Scrosese’s “The Departed” has come to an end, but not because it reached its goal.

The Kickstarter page has been taken down because the campaign is now “the subject of an intellectual property dispute and is currently unavailable.” The campaign was launched by Adam Sacks of Brooklyn, New York, and went viral earlier this month.The Kickstarter goal was to raise $4,000 by March 21 in order to buy the proper equipment needed to digitally erase the rat from the movie’s last shot.

Sacks had said on the campaign’s Kickstarter that he intended to buy 50 Blu-rays of “The Departed” and edit them so that he could redistribute these rat-less versions.

According to Kickstarter, this is where the campaign got into trouble with Warner Bros.As made public by Kickstarter, Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.

sent the following note

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