Warner Bros. Teases ‘Dune 2,’ New ‘Sopranos’ Series, and More ‘Matrix’ — Even with Bad Bad Office

Warner Bros.

has yet to officially announce “Dune Part 2,” but the company’s CEO Ann Sarnoff is making it sound like the next installment in Denis Villenueve’s intended two-part adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel is all but confirmed.

Speaking to Deadline, Sarnoff pointed fans to the fact that Villenueve’s first “Dune” film ends on a cliffhanger when discussing the possibility of a second “Dune” movie.

Villeneuve only agreed to direct “Dune” for Warner Bros.

and Legendary Entertainment if he could split Herbert’s novel into two films.

It was Villeneuve’s original plan to shoot both installments back-to-back, but studio logistics got in the way.“Will we have a sequel to ‘Dune?’ If you watch the movie you see how it ends,” Sarnoff said when asked about “Dune Part 2” happening.

“I think you pretty much know the answer to that.”Villeneuve is also working with WarnerMedia on

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