Warner Bros.’ ‘Tenet’ Rakes in $20.2 Million in Long-Awaited US Debut; Closes in on $150 Million Globally

Labor Day weekend gave us our first glimpse at what a blockbuster looks like in the age of Covid-19.

Christopher Nolan’s long-delayed brainteaser, Tenet, was the first major test of US movie exhibition in the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, with receipts tallied, it appears the Warner Bros.

film passed that test.

The twisty, PG-13 thriller starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh, and Elizabeth Debicki opened with $20.2 million domestically in 2,810 theaters over the long holiday weekend.Nolan’s blockbuster-scaled film was originally slated for release back in July, but unlike other big Hollywood tentpoles, such as Marvel’s The Eternals and the Fast and the Furious sequel F9, which opted to pushed their releases to 2021, Warner Bros.

decided on a 2020 opening for what’s been regarded as one of the year’s buzziest titles.

Nolan’s film has also resonated overseas, where it pulled in $126 million over two weekends

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