Watch Bill Murray and Aubrey Plaza Cosplay ‘The Lighthouse’ in Indie Spirits Preview

One of the annual delights of the Independent Spirit Awards is seeing a number of films that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences neglected to credit recognized a day before the Oscars.

Another Indie Spirit joy is watching talented funny people deliver micro-targeted jokes related to said films.So, even in short concentrated doses, watching those two ideas dovetail is a glorious thing to behold.

The first of the 35th Independent Spirit Awards’ barrage of visual gags comes in the form of returning host Aubrey Plaza donning a Robert Pattinson mustache for the IFC promo below.

Taking part in a two-person recreation of “The Lighthouse,” Plaza is joined by Bill Murray as her on-screen partner in cr-aye-me.It makes sense that Robert Eggers’ sophomore feature gets this prime promo treatment: The film is tied with “Uncut Gems” for the most nominations at Saturday’s annual celebration of the best in indie film.

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