‘Welcome to Chechnya’ documentary wins key award ahead of 2021 Oscar season

The HBO Max documentary “Welcome to Chechnya” won a big award recently from Doc NYC, the largest documentary festival in the United States.

The film, which documents the efforts to protect LGBTQ youth escaping abuse from the Chechen Republic of Russia, claimed the Doc NYC Producing Award, honoring producers Alice Henty, Joy A.

Tomchin, Askold Kurov and David France.Seedoc NYC: Will it preview Oscar winner for Best Documentary Feature again?“The jury is proud to acknowledge the delicate touch, human care and creative gymnastics necessary to produce this powerful film,” the Doc NYC jury said in a statement.

“The filmmakers gained access to this dangerous world in which the film’s subjects took great risks, and then used innovative technology to protect them, allowing these men and women to share their heartbreaking stories and inspirational acts of bravery with the world.

Hats off.”The documentary was filmed in secrecy

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