Welcome To The Blumhouse Trailers: Four New Tales Of Terror Coming To Amazon

The House of Blum is horror honeycomb, its bees ever-grinding to produce sweet October harvests for the rest of us.

Blumhouse, the production company behind “Paranormal Activity” and the “Purge” films, has its fingers in all mediums: they’ve got a publishing imprint (that teases a return of horror movie novelizations), a podcast network, they’ve even collaborated with Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.

All for the scares. Their latest venture is a return to their streaming anthology horror series in collaboration with Amazon Studios, “Welcome To The Blumhouse.” These movies, released four at a time, have thus far showcased Black, Poc, and female…The post Welcome to the Blumhouse Trailers: Four New Tales of Terror Coming to Amazon appeared first on /Film.

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