WGA Challenger Craig Mazin Drops Out of Race, Citing Family Medical Issue

Chernobyl” writer-creator Craig Mazin, vocal in his opposition to the Writers Guild of America‘s current strategy in its battle with talent agencies, announced Wednesday that’s he’s dropping out of the running for the union’s second-in-command due to a family medical issue.Mazin was running for vice president as part of a slate of WGA executive candidates led by “Carol” scribe and presidential hopeful Phyllis Nagy.

The group takes issue with the WGA’s current position in the agency fight: Mazin contends that union leadership ought to be open to negotiating a compromise, rather than see the entire practice of packaging as a non-starter.“I am regrettably withdrawing from the race,” he said in a statement, “due to a medical issue with an immediate family member that will require more of my attention and care in the next year than I had expected.

I would have loved to serve,

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