What the Forky? New ‘Toy Story 4’ Character Explained

Leave it to “Toy Story” to grapple with the big questions in life.

Why are we here? Why are we alive? What is life about? And who — or what — is Forky?That’s the question confusing many online after Disney and Pixar released the first teaser for “Toy Story 4.” The trailer features the toys prancing in a slow motion circle to the tune of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now,” only for a spork with googly eyes and red pipe cleaners (as voiced by “Veep’s” Tony Hale) to shriek in terror, “I don’t belong here.”Because Forky may not be a “toy.” Director Josh Cooley explains in the announcement for the teaser that he is an actual spork-turned-craft-project.

And though Bonnie, the new young girl and owner of all of Andy’s old toys, plays with Forky as though he were one, he feels he doesn’t belong.

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