What You Need To Know About Vigilante, The New DC Antihero In The Peacemaker Series

The release of “Peacemaker” is fast approaching, bringing back John Cena, self proclaimed superhero, and the many disasters he’s sure to cause.

But the egotistical patriot won’t be the only vigilante onscreen, with the series also introducing yet another antihero in Vigilante.

Fans of both DC Comics and the Arrowverse will no doubt recognize the name behind the alias, Adrian Chase, and even those new to the character can probably guess his deal given the self-explanatory nickname.

But there’s a lot more to the character than you may realize, and it points to quite a few exciting possibilities for James…The post What You Need to Know About Vigilante, the New DC Antihero in the Peacemaker Series appeared first on /Film.

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