‘When There Is Magic Present, Anything Goes,’ Says ‘The Green Knight’ Dp Andrew Droz Palermo

Before shooting David Lowery’s medieval fantasy “The Green Knight,” which screens this week at EnergaCamerimage Film Festival, cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo watched every King Arthur movie he could find, he tells Variety.“To me, these films always tend to be gray, desaturated.

But we wanted to make something modern, also when it comes to the casting of Dev Patel as the lead.”As Gawain leaves Camelot, forced to uphold his end of the challenge, Droz Palermo turned to “Apocalypse Now” for inspiration, finding some similarities between his ordeal and that of Martin Sheen’s Captain Willard.“He also loses his mind over the course of this journey.

We wanted it to be a bit hallucinatory, a bit psychedelic.

I don’t think this film goes to extreme lengths in that respect, but it does get stranger and stranger.

We kept wondering: ‘Will people think he has died?,’ ” he says,

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