Which Supernatural Characters Could Appear In The Winchesters?

Saving people, hunting things, and tracking down a missing father? Although “The Winchesters” makes many much-appreciated changes to the DNA of “Supernatural,” the prequel still shares plenty in common with its predecessor.

So why not multiply the fun with the addition of some familiar faces?Set in the ’70s, “The Winchesters” follows John Winchester (Drake Rodger) and Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly) as they work to uncover their parents’ mysterious past.

Their story may take place decades before the events of “Supernatural,” but what kind of prequel doesn’t find an excuse to throw in some blasts from the past? This world is basically built for these kinds of weird, inexplicable circumstances!The writers have magic, time travel, and God at their disposal — all of which are great ways to explain how a character from the distant future can appear in this prequel.

And based on the words of showrunner Robbie Thompson,

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