‘White Noise’ Producer Buys Rights to Don DeLillo’s ‘Americana’ (Exclusive)

Don DeLillo’s debut novel, “Americana,” is set to be adapted 51 years after it was first published.“White Noise” producer Uri Singer has bought the rights to the 1971 novel, continuing his streak of adapting a string of DeLillo works that have been deemed “unadaptable.”“Americana” tells the story of David Bell, an out-of-touch television executive who sets off on a road trip with his female colleague, Sullivan, to make an avant-garde film.

The book explores the intricacies of corporate culture and examines how we create realities, whether they are true or not.Singer tells Variety: “When you read ‘Americana,’ you understand how Don developed into the literary icon he is today.

It’s the story of an ‘American Psycho’-type of protagonist, minus the murder, in the toxic and cut-throat world of television, with all the extraordinary minor characters that mark a DeLillo work.

Where ‘American Psycho’ just shows the protagonist as he is,

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