Why Are Critics Outraged Over James Corden? Debating Ryan Murphy’s ‘Prom’ Casting

When the review embargo for Ryan Murphy’s Netflix musical “The Prom” broke on December 1, outrage over James Corden’s performance as Barry Glickman erupted almost instantly.

“The Late Late Show” host was slammed as the most “insulting” thing about “The Prom” due to a performance that critics called “offensive,” “the worst gay-face,” and “horrifically bad.” But is the backlash really warranted?Corden stars in “The Prom” as Barry Glickman, a Broadway veteran who gets the worst reviews of his career thanks to a failed star turn opposite co-star Dee Dee Allen (Meryl Streep).

Desperate for a heavy dose of good publicity, the two performers decide to head to Indiana and help a lesbian teenager fight her high school after her sexual orientation bans her from the senior prom.Below, IndieWire news editor Zack Sharf and associate editor Jude Dry get to the bottom of the outrage over James Corden

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