Why Awards Voters Shouldn’t Dismiss ‘Bones and All,’ ‘Devotion’ and ‘Strange World’ Despite Slow Box Office Starts

The box office woes are far from the whole story about the three awards-worthy films that opened or expanded over Thanksgiving weekend – MGM/Uar’s “Bones and All,” Sony Pictures’ “Devotion” and Walt Disney’s “Strange World.” Despite low financial returns, the studios are forging ahead in their bids for Academy Awards attention, as they should.The cannibal feature “Bones and All” struggled to bring audiences to the theaters despite the star power of Timothée Chalamet.

Still, for those who love it (spoiler alert: me), it’s one of the year’s best films, with its bloody embodiment of teenage love, meticulous crafts and high-caliber performances that elicit a passionate response.It might not work for voters who are squeamish about severed fingers and blood dripping on nice furniture, but the film won prizes for its director Luca Guadganino and best young actress for star Taylor Russell when premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

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