Why David Fincher Went Digital For The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

David Fincher loves doing an insane amount of takes.

Much like Stanley Kubrick, who revelled in using exhausting methods on-set, Fincher is a stickler for pushing his actors beyond reasonable expectations in search of the perfect take.

Before filming started on “The Social Network,” the director reportedly told Justin Timberlake he was going to have him repeat scenes until he’d, “gone past memorizing it, gone past knowing [his] own name, until we can get all of the physical nonsense so ingrained that we can get to what the actual text is.” Jake Gyllenhaal also spoke about his experience on “Zodiac,” telling The New York Times, how he’d, “do a lot of takes, and [Fincher] would turn, and he would say, because he had a computer there, ‘Delete the last 10 takes.’ And as an actor that’s very hard to hear.”2007’s “Zodiac” was the first time Fincher shot a movie digitally (though

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