Why Is Horror Without Monsters So Terrifying?

Often in horror films, there is a tangible, visible antagonist — a demon, a creature, a cult, an axe-wielding murderer.

The audience can physically see what they should be scared of.

While these monsters may thrill, scare, and terrify in the moment, oftentimes they do not leave a lasting impact.

Viewers will not be thinking about whether the demons from The Conjuring are in their closet, nor will they worry that clouds are really camouflaged UFOs from Nope.

This is because these monsters are not real.

Horror films that stay with the audience the longest have no monsters at all, just humans going through a horrific experience.

These films are harder to digest because there’s no monster to pin the horror on.

They’ve shown that horror isn’t always so easily tangible, and that scares people.

While it’s easy to dismiss the idea that monsters exist, one cannot deny madness,

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