Why Prince Charming is all out of happily ever afters

Disney’s new take on The Nutcracker is the latest fairytale remake to ditch romance for girl-centred empowermentIt’s a good job Disney has anchored the fairytale sector of its operation around princesses.

Princes are pretty much expendable these days.

They’re so last century.

And when they do turn up in movies, they’re not exactly marriage material anyway.

As in Frozen, where one literal prince plots to seize the royal throne, and another figurative prince – the hero Kristoff – is not even required to deliver the curse-breaking “love’s true kiss”.

The princess sisters can do it for themselves, thanks.

Disney’s latest offering, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, follows a similar modern tradition.

A lavish special-effects fantasia inspired by the fairytale/ballet, it centres on a young girl who enters a magical world and discovers she is really a princess.

The nutcracker of the title is a loyal,

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