Why ‘Snake Eyes’ Missed Its Mark at the Box Office — and What It Means for the ‘G.I. Joe’ Franchise

At the box office, “Snake Eyes” is ringing true to its moniker.The latest “G.I.

Joe” installment, an origin story starring Henry Golding of “Crazy Rich Asians” fame, fell short of expectations, collecting a paltry $13.3 million in its first three days in North American theaters.

Those ticket sales put “Snake Eyes” in second place on domestic charts, behind M.

Night Shyamalan’s mind-bending thriller “Old” and its $16.5 million debut.

It’s an embarrassing start for “Snake Eyes,” which cost $88 million to produce, not including the many millions spent on global marketing.

It also illustrates the limits of franchise filmmaking at a time when studios are always on the hunt for the next big thing.Unfortunately for Paramount Pictures and director Robert Schwentke, unfavorable reviews didn’t help elevate the profile of a reboot to a long-in-the-tooth series that already wasn’t particularly beloved by audiences.

“Snake Eyes” has a 42% on

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