Why The Little Mermaid Remake Left Out Chef Louis And ‘Les Poissons’

This article contains spoilers for “The Little Mermaid.”There are quite a few changes in “The Little Mermaid” live-action version, from the ending to Prince Eric’s backstory, and King Triton’s characterization.

Director Rob Marshall reminded viewers in his interview with SFX that his film “really is a reimagining of ‘Little Mermaid‘ more than a remake.

There are things in animated musicals that you just accept that you just wouldn’t accept in live-action.” One of those things is the “Les Poissons” song. In the comical number, Chef Louis chases Sebastian around his kitchen.

The original scene relies a lot on the juxtaposition of scale and Sebastian’s over-the-top expressions for its humor.

Sebastian’s tiny body avoids a huge pot of boiling water and flies into the air.

His eyes bulge out and he nearly throws up when he realizes that he could be cooked.

He even hunches into his shell to try and hide.

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